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Re: and PS1 Packet Capture

Originally Posted by Logit View Post
Seems it is working fine today. I re-extracted into a new folder and everything seems to be fine.

Is there anything we should focus on while we play? Or is doing literally anything in the game helpful?
I would say focus on interesting things. Especially things that don't happen that often.
  • Get and fire all ammo types
  • Get every single weapon
  • Fire and reload every weapon in each mode
  • Create an outfit
  • Create a squad / platoon
  • Gain CEP/BEP from
  • Increase BR / CR
  • Pull every vehicle
  • Fire all vehicle weapons
  • Get in each BFR variant
  • Damage BFR in different regions
  • Jam BFR
  • Capture Base
  • Run LLU
  • Neutral a base
  • Refill a base with an ANT
  • Destroy each type of terminal
  • Repair / Drop Gen
  • Drop / Repair Tubs
  • Matrix to base
  • Use advanced hacking
  • Implant virus types to base
  • Get each MAX type and use special
  • Create Macro
  • Use macro
  • Use emote
  • Gain a certification
  • Call in an orbital strike
  • Plant AMS
  • Login with very special characters (i.e CR5s, BR40s)
  • Create, delete char
  • Get locked out of a character for switching empires
  • Use the sancuary teleporters
  • Discover monoliths
  • Use the tutorial system
  • Get the current outfit list
  • Leave / Join outfit
  • Create outfit decal
  • Set squad waypoints
  • Draw on Planet Map
  • Use CR EMP
  • Use /sitrep /global, /broadcast, /tell, etc
  • Add a friend
  • Get in HART
  • Alt+G from a vehicle
  • Place a vehicle in a lodestar / galaxy
  • Place every type of combat engineering (including advanced)
  • Get shot at by a spit fire while running
  • EMP a spitfire
  • Shoot a tower turret
  • Upgrade turrets
  • Use a med terminal
  • Get implants
  • ...
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