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Re: and PS1 Packet Capture

Originally Posted by Chord View Post
Seriously guys, I need your help if we are going to capture all of this functionality.
Can we organize a time to meetup and capture while doing group things, such as driving or base capping?
I could technically make M-F past 7PM EST or some weekends.

Probably time to get some psforever forums up

Also, there are somethings I'll never be able to capture as a BR17, CR1. Would a BR25-40 and CR5 be willing to donate an account or their time for capturing? We gotta capture all of the cool CR5 shit.
I started last night with Virtual training. I fired all of the guns, flew around in a reaver for a bit. Loaded a few conts.

My sched is fairly sporadic, but if we throw out some times I can try and make some of them. I am EST.

Do you think it makes a difference that I'm doing it in the VR?

I'm CR5, BR 31 so I can help you with the CR5 stuff as well as they stuff we will need a couple of people for.

I'm EST, and my sched is sporadic but some weeks I have tons of free time so it just depends on when we can get together.

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