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But can you deploy the AMS cloak feild in the bay and then fly. And leave just enough room for hte cockpit to see out. Hence it only haveing thin bars around it. which means cloaker pilots. then you fly is over a small platoon of men and drop the Ams right on ther heads killing them instantly and blowing hte rest up. Precision AMS bombing

Imagine the horror as that big fat thing "uncloaks"(the AMS feild is no longer around it) and a then all they see is the growing size of the underside of an AMS thats about to land on them and explode.

Oh wait, theyd never see the ams coming!

Edit: remember they said you can hit G at any time and dump the vehicle. So you dont have to wait for it to land.

Which means it needs to be in the AMS Router cert so you can get your own drive it in the bay deploy it hit G and have the vehicle be picked up or get out get in to the lodestar and have it pick it up and off you go.

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