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Re: PS1 : Bolt Sniper Rifle - Can you get rid of the "deadzone" while zoomed in?

My experience, strafing is the best way to correct your aim. In a truly screwed up way, strafing doesn't upset your reticule like moving the mouse does.

I enjoyed sniping quite a bit. In PS1, two to four snipers can make for an extremely nasty gen-hold, as they can rapidly insta-kill anyone coming in Snipers popping at people on a wall (or vice versa) are effective, too.

I'll give you a hint on how to be most effective. Don't engage from the "frontline" where you and the enemy are facing each other. Go wide, circle around behind the enemy line and approach them from a flanking position. When you shoot at them, they'll tend to duck behind cover, assuming the shot is coming from their front (where all the bad guys are), when in reality you are off to one side. 90% of the time, they'll never even realise what happened, especially if you move around a bit.

note: While doing this, reinforcements streaming to the line are your worst enemy. Make sure you are not on a direct line between the nearest enemy spawn point and the "battleground", or you'll have a short life expectancy.
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