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Originally Posted by HalfManHalfGod View Post
Democrats are not just going to come out and claim they are a socialists. No, they have to lie and hide behind another label.

Just as liberals have stopped using the word liberal to describe themselves. Now we want to be called progressives. Just as a democrat will hardly ever tell you want they really think. A few will here on this forum and its kinda scary.

Just go back to the 08 Obama campaign. Higher gas/energy prices, fundamentally change America from top down, etc...
Just like how republicans guise themselves as republicans when they're really corporate agenda whoring fascists? See I can make rash generalizations and completely dumb and asinine comments too!!

Plus Obama has nothing to do with energy prices. For example oil prices are set by speculators. If a bee farts in the Persian gulf or a man sneezes on a pipe price will go up. The president has no say in oil/gas prices. So please don't give me or other people on this forum that BS.
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