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Re: Questions for Pro7

Hi together,

Originally Posted by RSphil View Post
I'd prefare to stick with SOE as this is the company I Know and have use for years but you deal with the cards you are given. If they make a clusterf#$k of things I'd say the EU portion of planetside will be on the war path. I'll give a chance though.
The game stay the same, there may be differences in the launcher (content) as well as in any kind of market place.

Originally Posted by bjorntju1 View Post
Do you guys have/planning to have iDeal? (a Dutch payment system) I always use that since it takes the money of your bank account and the payment is instantly processed.
iDeal may come later as well. As far as I know (just several experiences in the past) with iDeal you have to wait 'bout 24hours until you receive anything. So there's nothing with "instantly"?!

Originally Posted by Shogun View Post
will paypal payment be available for europe players before the founders offer ends? i would buy the founders pack, but i don´t feel comfortable giving any creditcard or bankaccount info to sony again.
Unfortunately I cannot answer this. This belongs to the possibilities SOE gives...

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