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Re: Santorum Drops Out

And here we have it ladies and gentlemen, as usual, Malorn is a paranoid anti-government conspiracy theorist.

And your idea of spending sucks. You honestly think that Warren Buffett (example) would spend 2 million, where he pays 15%, around 7 million in income tax, now? He gets so much money in, he gives away almost everything through Bill Gates' funds because he doesn't know what to do with it!

That's not what every person would do! Would you give 90% or more of your money away to complete strangers? No! You would not.

Go do the maths, income tax ensures that people provide for the benefit of the community, where purchasing tax favours the greedy by far! If you wanted to get the same 5 million extra out of national tax random rich guy through taxes, you'd have to raise the taxes a lot for the common people compared to now, just because random rich guy would NOT pay that much tax, at all, so someone else would have to. The flat rate would mean the rich guy would pay far, far less proportionally. Because any extra consumption goods make a HUGE dent in a random person's pocket, but not in a rich guy's pocket. You make the false assumption that these people spend a lot of money on consumption goods and that this is somehow comparable to others and scales with income. It does not. Rich people do not spend 5000 times as much money on food and clothing or even television sets.

Malorn, your tax maths utterly suck. And you STILL haven't commented on that NY times article.

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