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Originally Posted by Figment View Post
And here we have it ladies and gentlemen, as usual, Malorn is a paranoid anti-government conspiracy theorist.

And your idea of spending sucks. You honestly think that Warren Buffett (example) would spend 2 million, where he pays 15%, around 7 million in income tax, now? He gets so much money in, he gives away almost everything through Bill Gates' funds because he doesn't know what to do with it!

That's not what every person would do! Would you give 90% or more of your money away to complete strangers? No! You would not.

Go do the maths, income tax ensures that people provide for the benefit of the community, where purchasing tax favours the greedy by far! If you wanted to get the same 5 million extra out of this guy through taxes, you'd have to raise the taxes a lot for the common people compared to now, just because this guy would NOT pay for it, at all, so someone else would have to.

Malorn, your tax maths utterly suck. And you STILL haven't commented on that NY times article.
You really shouldn't take the richest person in America and make a target out of him. He is not representative of anyone else. If Warren Buffet gives so much money to the Bill Gates Foundation, why would you want to take that and put it to the Federal Government...?

I donate a fair deal of money to my local community because I respect seeing my money used for good, visibly. If you tax me (a middle-class American) more, I will be able to donate less.
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