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I like how you attempt to claim Buffett for your argument while clearly not even having read what he had to say. I also like how you make the outrageous claim that rich people don't trust the government, that they would spend all their money in the interest of other citizens and the even bigger ones where you pretend that national departments sit around doong nothing all day, while also ignoring that centralised government makes for a smaller government as state governments have everything double, where you prefer over 50 same job departments over one with subsidiaries for proper execution on a state level.

I don't think you want to though, since you think states need significantly different laws and trust that each State will do what is best for its citizens. Clearly the opinion on what is best has always differed greatly between the states to the point of war. And had it not been won by the north, I do wonder if the south would have moved beyond segregation and ethnic suppression already.

Also, you ignore that the Gates foundation does not supply funds for community stuff like the repair of bridges. It is not their task to. Buffett states he and others would not mind paying more taxes and indicates that this would be good for the economy. His point though is that HE could do this and others would do this, but that there are plenty others that need to be told to, since it is not now and that this has to be fair. Not just among them, but also towards other people who earn far less and yet pay more. This is not as you try to make it out an individual issue nor solved with a donation. It is about a structural fair tax policy change for ALL people currently exploiting low taxes on HUGE earnings.
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