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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Oh regarding the benefits. I dislike the NC benefit proposed because it is fundamentally different from the other two.

Above the TR and VS have benefits which are passive improvements to all soldiers and vehicles, while the NC benefit is a tactical strike. Seems NC are getting the shaft in that one. I'd like to see something along the NC theme that benefits many in the empire as the other two benefits do. Namely something that either gives them more defensive power, more offensive power, or more guerrilla-style. Adaptive camoflage for infantry (sort of like a weak infiltration suit, meant to mask numbers and helps only when stationary), or some sort of light personal shield or something like that which fits with the rest of the theme.
Oh yes, because cloaking rexo's would be fair

NC with the arty would be the best bonus in my opinion. You don't live long enough half the time to use all your ammo, and staminia really doesn't do a whole lot. You can surge/darklight 2x longer, big deal. You'd see a lot more PShield MAX's tho lol.

If I'm building an outpost, I want it to be able to directly assist my outfits efforts, I (in most situations) could care less if the zerg gets double stamina.
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