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Therein lies the exact opposite of what an Outpost should be. A super cool cannon that pew pews random stuff isnt very helpful nor is it in the spirit of actually helping those around you. Remember, that PS2 is going the way of much more teamwork then PS1. The variable "super soldier" is no more, (tho I'm sure I could find a way to make one =D) and Specialties that complement each other are the dominating thought process.

Creating an Outpost will likely be done only near a base/area you actually intend to capture as they will likely have a limited time frame that they can be around. Even if it is required of the other Empire to "destroy" the tower/outpost or simply hack it for it to be lost. It would be most beneficial if in the time that the Outpost was alive that it benefited as many people as possible with passive buffs than simply being another gun on the field. Think of the Turrets on towers in PS1. Quite frankly, they were useless. A Reaver could do missle runs on the things, or spam at max range and take it out regardless if there was someone in it or not. Hell, having someone in it actually made the turrets less effective simply because of human error/aim.

Personally, I'd love to see something along the lines of Outposts giving small upgrades to Stamina or HP or even damage/RoF. Remembering back on tower battles in PS1, it would definately have helped keeping the towers that I hacked with a small group in an effort to help push the zerg along. Giving the owning Empire an actual personal bonus to every friendly within its SOI and actually making the attacking Empire work for a tower instead of the usual steamroll of 50 people.
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