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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

That it is, I'm usually pretty good about catching that one.

At any rate, that's the thing, right? If you notice the other team has no AV, you throw maxes at them for massive damage. Lots of maxes? AV time.

If it's set up properly, a giant max crash could be rather effective at first, depening on how many AV they're up against - may be even win the battle outright (owing to the organization getting everyone in a max suit needs), but if it keeps going the AV troops should be showing up and repelling it.
Doubly so because a max can't heal itself.

That being said...I do support some light-weight AV that troops could carry. But it would be along the lines of the HA trooper carrying an rifle + the LAW instead of a heavy AI weapon (while AV troops would likely get an SMG or carbine)

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