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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by FIREk View Post
What's the alternative to a simple lock-on weapon, though? The NC already have their camera-guided missiles, the VS have direct LoS beams... Is there any other guidance scheme in g ames?
Laser-guided, a la HL2 rocket launchers (when you fight the helicopter things)?

Explosion on demand? Fire once to fire, fire again to detonate? Or even have detonate be a secondary fire (not a secondary fire mode) so you can fire multiple rockets and detonate them in a line?

A flak-type "explosion upon proximity" effect?

And then of course various types of arcs...

Beyond that you could probably come up with any number of convoluted delivery systems. Take the scorpion and remove the minimum height requirement and you have an AV that you're purposely firing above the heads of the entities you want it to hit.

Speaking of AV, I'd love to see some kind of "rebound" mechanic similar to the Pyro's compression blast in TF2 (though I imagine it wouldn't work against anything but infantry and MAX AV).
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