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In-Game voice chat

This is an idea I've been wanting an mmo to release for quite awhile now. Instead of people using Teamspeak or Vent, why doesn't PS2 have it's own chat system. You could switch between different chat "channels" ingame and this could help with organization for attacks and such.

A few chat channels:

1. Empire chat: server-wide, able to communicate with everyone in your empire.

2. Continent chat: talk with all players of your faction that are on the same continent as you.

3. Officer Continent Chat: Outfit leaders only, able to plan attacks between outfits with ease

4. Outfit Chat: Talk with everyone in your outfit

5. Outfit Officer Chat: let squad leaders and the outfit leader communicate in a seperate channel

6. Squad chat: limited to players in your squad

7. Vehicle chat: talk with players in your vehicle

There could also be an option to create custom chat channels, with some system in place to prevent trolls from lagging out the server.
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