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Originally Posted by ThGlump View Post
1 + 2 : Cant imagine to have thousandths of players on one voice chat, and be able to communicate or even hear anything.

3 : Continent officer? whats that? Squad leaders on continent? While less ppl than 1 and 2, it would be probably chaos again with 100+ ppl there.

4 + 5: TS, vent, mumble. Thats what outfit will use no matter what game will provide (only chance is to create standalone client like those 3). Same goes for outfit only 6 +7

6 + 7 : only viable option to be usable for random ppl. But after several trolls, uncofigured always transmiters, and annoying kids on those random channels, i expect most ppl will turn it off.

I dont know why game companies always try to create their own in game voice. If they would just provide ingame support for existing ones there woule be higher probability to someone actualy use it.
Continent Officer = Outfit leaders, not squad leaders. Also, there could be more chat channels for hexes and regions, so that the continent chat would be more viable in "OH SHIT THEY JUMPED ON MY TOWER NEED HELP NOW" situations. For your last remark that they should just keep with the existing chat providers, it's much easier to switch chat channels during a battle if you don't have to minimize, change the channel, maximize, and see that you're dead. You did raise good concerns about trolling and little kids, but I'm sure that SOE is talented enough to create systems to keep it in check.
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