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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
It might be misleading, because in the article there's only 1 measure for "recoil" and NC and TR both had "Medium" recoil, while VS had "high" recoil, but NC and TR recoil was further clarified by the burst/sustained difference. They were illustrating that while they had medium recoil they had different recoil characteristics. So the raw count from above is double-counting recoil.

If you put NC and TR both at "2" for recoil, and eliminated the extra recoil slot then your numbers become VS 9, TR 10, NC 10. If you take "Damage degradation" out of the picture (because NC and TR have bullet-drop while VS do not), then you get 8, 8, 8.

But this doesn't take things into consideration like maneuverability & speed, so there's more factors than simply appear in the PC gamer picture. I think that picture was just meant to illustrate the empire differences and not be an exact measurement. Still it's pretty close if you do put measurement on it.
Yep, all very good points. The only real point of contention for me is the recoil values which we'll probably really only know once we actually use the weapons. As you know there was no recoil per se in PS1, but MA rifles anyway had all sorts of variables for CoF behavior, like standing vs crouching, moving or standing still, if you were taking damage, CoF expansion vs contraction rates, MAX CoF, etc.

Damnit I want Beta to start!
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