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Re: NC already have the buff

Originally Posted by Erendil View Post
As for TR/NC recoil, it makes no sense to me that a weapon with higher kinetic energy per shot would have less recoil in short bursts.

They way I see it, the NC weapons have the most/worst initial recoil since their higher KE rounds would produce more recoil even in single shot mode. However, their RoF is slow enough that they can almost completely recover from the recoil after each shot, so over time their recoil doesn't get much worse over more sustained fire
1st - balance
2nd - not always

felt recoil depends on more factors than the cartridge.
Recoil Pads
Heavier weapons
firearm action

Hell maybe they just use rubberized grips. In the end it doesn't matter because game balance comes first.
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