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Re: NC already have the buff

I dont' remember the precise differences between gauss crouched vs standing compared to other empires. I do know that the Cycler was the best MA until Pulsar 2.0. We had guys very very good at using the Gauss, but they were unstoppable with a Cycler. And to be fair about the COF bloom, the Gauss had far less capacity than the Cycler and less than the Pulsar so it may not have bloomed as much because it ran out of ammo first!

The cycler definitely had less recoil effect, but it may have bloomed greater after a long time - I always fired them in bursts unless someone was right in my face so I dunno.

Another aspect of the recoil is that if they want to create that empire feel for the TR to be just massive walls of lead then the weapons characteristics would encourage it. Better sustained recoil control than burst would encourage them to fire long bursts and not short bursts. The result would be a TR army that sprays bullets everywhere they go putting down heavy suppressive fire. While the NC are more conservative with a style that promotes accurate bursts, hit-and-run, and doesn't waste ammo. As you point out the NC are guerrillas and scavengers so they wouldn't likely waste ammo while the TR would have a seemingly endless supply.
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