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Re: NC already have the buff

Every factions have a buff ... Depending on ur playstyle and conditions .. sometime when lag go on having faster sspread guns are really usefull especially if the DPM is almost the same !

In some situation having more precision is a advantage and also in some situation having more stopping power is rewarding as long as the DPM stay almost equal for all 3 empire thing will be fair and great !

Everything will depend on ur Own playstyle everyones likes different guns for many differents reason !

Recently we were in a MAG (ps3) clan and almost everyones have a different favorite guns for me the best guns was the hollis A3 dor wallmart it was the gotha elite for spaz it was the apex for delta it was the R-553 for ADN it was the atac2000 ! Every single ones of us prefere mostly many differents guns because ours playstyles arent the same !

Same for planetside so the best is choosing the team who fit the best ur gamestyle ! And also art style!
always depend on how you wanna play spray and prey fast and furious slow and bad ass mobile and versatile ?

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