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Removing reviving from medics

Simple idea, one which I'm sure many will instantly scream *oh no you noob I hate you blah blah blah* before even reading this or thinking it through, but let me explain.

Reviving might seem like a good idea, you die and instantly you're back! your platoon wipes and instantly it gets revived by a revive grenade! BUT reviving has 2 major flaws.

1. A minor flaw this one, it makes you feel like you didn't accomplish anything at times. By this I mean those great plays you make now and then where you sneak behind the enemy, lay down 2 C4 to blow up 10 people then kill a few others before you die! Great you think that'll open up a gap people can push through! Then as the camera zooms out you see a revive grenade explode and everybody who died stand right up again so you basically did nothing except give yourself some score

Sure some people might say *But isn't the point of this game to not help your team but get a good k/d ratio and some score!*. Well for some it might be but for me it is most certainly not, as such its very disheartening when I manage to do something like this or kill a MAX only to see a medic instantly bring them back. I'm sure most people know that MAXs aren't easy to kill, so on those rare occasions where you kill one alone its VERY disheartening to see a medic pop up a second later and revive it making your work pointless.

2. This is a major issue, some people might try to tell you that revives help small groups against larger ones that massively outnumber them, often known as a *zerg*, this however is NOT so, it is in fact the opposite. Think of it like this, a small group defending a base will be unable to wipe the enemy out, perhaps they can take out the tanks and sundie but a complete wipe will often be impossible, they also have a base nearby to spawn from so a medic reviving is quite useless really.

HOWEVER! the zerg will never be wiped until a group just as large encounters it! this means the will generally have medics alive who can revive anybody who dies meaning that not only do they not need to spawn as sundie which would need to be further away from the base thus giving you a chance to take the point back for a time to hold out till help comes or just slow the zerg down, but it also can mean the zerg doesn't even NEED sundies as medics will revive anybody who dies. Now of course a sundie is still vital as some people will die out of reviving range and it encourages people to join the fight, but medics in a zerg are a very powerful force, especially thanks to being able to carry 4 revive grenades.

Now I know some people will say *but what about when attacking a base thats defended by more people!*, well again I say, the small force will be wiped out when attacked by a larger group that has its spawn right next to you, no amount of medics will help if you're entire group is wiped unless you have medics who also have stealth (also known as hackers). As such you can see there really is no benefit for a small group when it comes to reviving but it is a really big benefit to zergs who already have the benefit of being a zerg.

So this raises the question, why is there a mechanic in the game which sole purpose seems to be giving a zerg an even greater advantage? don't most games which to stop zergs or give people tools to fight them? why then does PS2 give zergs tools to be even more effective!

And thus I believe it would be a great benefit to the game both in terms of peoples enjoyment and improved tactical play if revive was removed and medics compensated in some other way for this.

And please don't try to say *just kill the medics first* as its about the stupidest counter argument in the world, if you want to post a video of yourself fighting a 200 man zerg and moving through it like a ninja killing only the medics while not being killed by anybody else, and managing to kill EVERY medic as leaving even 1 means it will revive the rest and cause a chain reaction, feel free. I would dearly love to see somebody do this as I believe it to be frankly, impossible. Again a single squad perhaps you could do this assuming the medics are idiots who fight on the front line instead of holding back, but when it comes to 2 or 3 platoons charging toward a base saying *Just kill the medics* becomes about the stupidest thing you could ever say.

Edit: This could be updated to instead of removing revive make it so you can shoot enemies while they are on the ground to prevent them from being revived. This solves the issue of needing to think of something to replace revive and adds a whole new level of tactics

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