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Re: Removing reviving from medics

Yup, you've got a good point there. Without reviving the attackers will get the chance to push through a defense...
But as good as your statement sounds I have an argument to it; it might get furstrating when, for examlpe, you are attacking and running in an open field or far away from your respawn point meaning that you will have to run the sane distance over and over again. And there are also trolls and accidents; for example, my outfit (382nd, TR, Waterson) likes to take a screenshot of our forces standing together from time to time. We go a certain lenght, and get set when a troll galaxy crashes into us and kills us which means that we have to travel again, get disorganised and to it again possibly do it without everybody in the picture. Also if a small group of friends hangs out and some friendly fore occours medics becogme quite usefull.
So I agree that removing the revive has it's ups but it also has some downs.

And now people observe as I just made an argument without going troll and raging all over the place.
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