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Re: Removing reviving from medics

I would love to see reviving removed. It would indeed be a game changer. If it can't be removed then slowed down. If it can't be slowed down then allow a counter to the revive grenade/reviving. Allow a variation of it. An anti-revive grenade/placement whose duration matches the null timer for reviving a person. Everything needs a counter. Disrupt Grenade/Placement. I also think they shouldn't be grenades. It should take some more work to pull it off. Have them placed akin to C4, so medics would actually have to enter harms way to bring back their allies from the dead instead of lobbing the jesus bomb, or richochetting it off a wall to avoid being shot at etc.

Those disruptors can be countered by an EMP grenade to open the way for your medics to come back in and try to recoup some losses in what remains of the revive timer. Hacking sundies should be added in as well. Don't have to allow the infiltrator to steal possession but could at least allow the spawning to be halted until they are counterhacked and the 'disruptive nanite virus' removed.

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