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Re: Removing reviving from medics

Originally Posted by Zadexin View Post
I don't think revive should be removed, that is overkill. It needs to be fixed, like so many mechanics in this game.

How to fix it:
1) The medic must be physically on top of the downed player. No more reviving from around corners
2) make the heal gun for healing only, not both. Take out the gun revive and make it a resupply able item like the heal sticks that you can cert, except that you can use it on other people. you can carry 2 to start and cert into up to 6. And make it a full revive.
3) It needs to take longer to revive someone than healing them with the gun. Right now it is more efficient to let someone die and revive them than to heal them.
4) Take out res grenade (seriously, who thought this up?) and put in a shield charger pack. A timed deployable item like an ammo pack except that it causes shields to recharge rapidly instead of health. Make it cost resources so it doesn't get spammed too hard.

They gave us personal shields (for some reason) instead of an armor bar or a bigger health bar, and then completely ignored it with game mechanics other than the one cert thing that nobody gets. Why not give the medic tools to buff the shield if they really are the infantry support role.

I'd be much happier with these changes, right now medics are mini gods, they have insanely powerful short-medium range guns and can do aoe heals and revives and revive VERY quickly (about a second for a full hp revive at max tool level) and on top of that the new energy shield generator lets you revive people and very quickly refill their shield too... they just have WAY to many tools right now.

Its the equivalent of heavies being allowed to carry 3 separate launchers so we can have 1 for air vehicles and dumb fire use.
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