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Hey guys,
during the last alerts I had an idea, which probably is already being discussed somewhere I couldn't find, in which case I am sorry for this repost.

However, what do you think of a cross-faction squad-leader voice chat?

It would open the door to "diplomacy", which could be interesting in Alerts where there is one very strong faction, and two equally inferior. Let's assume the situation is 40%-30%-30% region control with an hour left and equal population, in which case the Alert would be in most cases already decided for the strongest faction, as they only have to put all their forces into defending what they already have.

If the inferior empires could work together, maybe every faction could have a realistic chance to make a difference.

What makes this interesting is that after all, of course, there can only be one winner of the alert so the alliance is necessarily temporary.

What do you think? Bolloks or interesting?
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