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Originally Posted by OpolE View Post
I don't really have any PC knowledge to give but my enthusiasm will do wonders for this.

I guess you could get a website and people on board - Big people. I remember a youtuber video where one player had modded PS1 and made trees 100x the size and all sorts of things

Progress how we could redo PS1 without repercussions.

Let the word grow while its worked on.

Easiest thing is get rights to the game and it would be very rapid from there. Roll back a few features and spend time fixing it up while advertising and getting everyone back.

Small future developments to be 'Roadmapped'

I was never into SWG but I followed it and saw it grow. Same things needed here.

You're thinking pretty far ahead, which is good, but for the moment, development will be a bit slow. The groundwork still needs to be laid.

Oh the videos you're thinking of are:

A collaboration between Radant, Tangent, and Secant.

Originally Posted by p0intman View Post
soe/daybreak has done crazier shit before. tbh, it probably can't hurt to find smed's email and give him a good faith conversation just to try. whats the worst he can do? give another solid commitment he fails to keep his word on? (Hi PS2 2.0 update). I doubt he gives much of a shit about ps1, and it wouldn't shock me if he wanted to unload the task of that version of the game to someone else.
I wasn't aware that Project 1999 had such success! That's good news for the future. We'll see where this project goes in the meantime. I'm sure the support is there and I'd love to see some of the old outfits/players return. Lots of work to be done before then though...

Originally Posted by QuiCKaNdDeaDLy View Post
As far as I know there is allready a working PS Emu which is about 10 years old now made by Secant (Markov) which never went public because SOE wouldnt allow it.
I've looked in to it myself there isn't any code available. There's just that old video showing Secant logging in to his own server. The precedent is set for a cease and desist for PSEmu, so that's concerning. Then again, that was when PS1 was still active.

Originally Posted by Leet View Post
This is something I've been waiting for, so thank you for putting in the time and effort to do it. All it really needs is a couple of roll backs (BR 20 max, no BFR's or wasps) and a few tweaks.

I never understood people's gripe with clientside. It's something every player could take advantage of and for me was just one of the quirks that made Planetside...Planetside. No bots was another Planetside thing. Personally I have no interest in playing the game if I'm not playing against somebody else in the world.
What features to keep is certainly going to be thought of. As for clientside, yes it's responsible for most, if not all of the familiar quirks, but it's also the reason hackers killed PS1. Pull, CoF, RoF, speedhacks, etc. are all because the server trusts the client. That's what I mean by fixing "ClientSide".
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