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Re: PSEmu - PlanetSide Emulator

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This looks interesting and I'll follow this, but I doubt we can get this to work with SOE without a monetary contribution as well.
If this can get off the ground a start sailing, I'd definitely try to play it. We could actually get GMs and balance passes. And the bots sound interesting.
Yeah I have my doubts as well!

Originally Posted by KingFeraligatr View Post
Also, would we be able to keep our current characters or would everyone start from scratch? Anyways, good luck. Would like this to succeed.
Unless SOE/DBG gives us the PS1 database, nope. It's technically possible to make a tool that given a username a password would "download" all characters along with certs and awards. Haven't put that in to action, but from my understanding it could be done. With a new server, starting over wouldn't be too bad though!

Originally Posted by KingFeraligatr View Post
And here is a place to get patches in order and in detail: .
Thanks for the link.
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