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Re: looking for gaming computer advice

One suggestion; don't listen to the Anti-AMD nay-sayers. I'm talking CPU here. Intel, sure, gets best performance but price is prohibitive for some.

Here's a list of my main hardware for about $1000 before shipping and it handles PS2 Very well on High settings(40 to 60FPS @ 1080p or 60 to 100FPS @ 1600x900).
Newegg Wish List(You may need to login there to see it. List does not contain Optical Drive, Case, or Power Supply):
Speaking of Power supply: I've run a 560W on this build with no problems but now have a 650W. Both 80+ Bronze Certified. Don't cheese out on the PSU, it's the real heart of a PC system.
You may also note I use a Water cooling solution. The FX-8350 can run fairly hot so I erred on the safe side.

OS: I run Win7 Home Premium 64bit Edition. More than enough for PC Gaming. Also since Win7 likes to Park CPU cores by default I ran the Registry Hack to stop that from happening. All cores Un-Parked at all times.

P.S. I shop almost exclusively from : Shipping is pretty fast to me here in Prescott, AZ. If I find myself down in Glendale I may stop into Frys Electronics for smaller items.

Any questions; hit me up on Twitter @ARDallas68 as I rarely stop by here.

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