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So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

Is weather just there to look pretty and give immersion, or should it affect gameplay?

Duststorms, snowwy whiteouts, hurricane winds, tornadoes, and other weather that can affect ongoing battles and force people to move to new objectives because of it.

They would be somewhat rare, and only occur on one continent at a time, and only affact 25-30% of that continent.

People can either completely avoid it, or spec into abilities that will let them fly better in high winds, see better in sandstorms or whiteouts--thus using storms to their advantage. It would be a great addition to special ops attacks. Using a snowstorm as cover for your team to drop in and take out the enemy, or it could completely catch your team offguard and force you to pull back. Just adds another level of dynamic content to battles.

Dust storm example:

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