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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by WildVS View Post
Would seem sort of obvious that if they poured the resources into creating the detailed cockpit models they would intend on you seeing them all the time. I believe it's the same situation with the game's flora, it cannot be turned off.
Same with battlefield 3 Cockpit force on !

but i remember how disapointed i was when battlefront 2 came out with no cockpit view just a damned floating camera while in 1rst person i had no feel to b in a x-xing Or any star wars ship i had to turn it in 3rd person to actually have a feel atached to it !

battlefront 1 had a great cockpit view and thats help to feel the vehicules u feel thats ur in a jet instead of a floating camera !

For those who are using the Air vehicukles to actually make so youtube moovies wou will be batter to have multiple people doing video and make a montage of it or using the 3rd person view or even better the foot soldiers view to make those !
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