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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

To all those people who claim it gives an advantage, I presume you also now want to get rid of a variable field of view as well, and kill support for 3 monitor setups? Because those give an advantage as well.

I wouldn't mind if it wasn't such a crappy cockpit. No offense to whoever made it, but that framework is ridiculously thick, and any decent engineering job would have just made that a bubble canopy. That cockpit is the obvious result of someone designing something with absolutely zero thought given to its function. And let me guess.. The VS fighter is going to have those prongs out front that serve no purpose other than blocking vision be visible too, right?

Ugh.. This has been a bad couple weeks for me. I'm a vehicle whore from PS1, and between badly designed cockpits being mandatory, and no 3rd person for ground vehicles.. yeah. My enthusiasm just took a huge hit.

Now all we need is some ridiculous shader for tanks cockpit view that makes it look like you are watching a tv from the 50s...

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