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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
To all those people who claim it gives an

I wouldn't mind if it wasn't such a crappy cockpit. No offense to whoever made it, but that framework is ridiculously thick, and any decent engineering job would have just made that a bubble canopy.

Now all we need is some ridiculous shader for tanks cockpit view that makes it look like you are watching a tv from the 50s...
I dont want to fly a camera i want to feel thats i flight something and also the pics is not exactly representative of the view itself becaue as u can see the possition of the hud aiming thing is all the way down low so i guess when u look al the way up or when u get altitude the cockpit look like this ! And for me its perfectly fine !

And i like it !

Flying cameras are for lazy dev ! SOE arent lazy
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