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Planetside's wonderful views and Unique places [PICS]

I spent around 10 hours going through the whole of Auraxis a while back now and thought id post it here now that the PSU is becoming #1 fan site.

Things you may have not seen or looked at from the right angle before.

Desolation's massive hill

Ishunder's perfect pyramid

Esamir Island - Perfect to have 2 teams either side - King of the Hill

Ascention's coastline never fought on before

The Old Oshur Eagle

Greeted into Nexus by sharp stones

The only base with a hill under its walkway entrance

AMS's can be deployed here but have initiative

Tunnels blocked with rubble, what might be behind them?

Damage crystals, fall down and you will not survive

Completely floating mass

The tallest part of Auraxis, Cyssor

Esamir's coastline is deep enough to reach hell
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