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Kind of Dissapointed

im kind of dissapointed in the empires actually

it seems they all posess some quality that makes me want to play them, and then they have another quality that makes them completely unapealing to me.

take the TR, fast weapons, i like that. cool colors and look, i like that too.
oppressive bastards, strategy depends on mass units, dont like that.

NC, nice damage, cool looking vehicles. i like that.
cool ass philosophy of freedom, i like that.
strategy of brute force. i hate that.

Vanu. nice technology, which i always love.
laser weps, ugh.
they look like purple pansie, borg-people.

see, if they had an empire with a cool ass philosophy of freedom, and strategy of highly mobile, fast firing raid type units, with a cool uniform mix between the TR and NC, i would choose them over all these empires.
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