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Re: PS4 isn't going to have free online

Originally Posted by camycamera View Post
still, i can play online on my pc for free.
Not quite. We (pc users) do have to pay for the internet.

Now from what I understand, it's going to cost at least a fiver a month to do anything internet related at all on PS4. So if you even want a game patch, you need the net (unless game makers get it into there thick skulls to release patches from stores for free).

The question is, will a higher cost be needed for longer multiplayer gameplay as it is with the pc? I'm on 40 gig a month myself and that costs 30 quid a month. Playing PS2 for 6 hours seems to use up 100-150mb per hour. If it stays at 150mb per hour, that's 900mb in 6 hours. Which is pretty decent.

I'll say this much. If playing games online for six hours a day becomes as little as a fiver a month, I may as well get a PS4 with a keyboard and mouse. If it wasn't for certain internet things I need and had a little more money then I just might have done that.

That's unlikely to happen though (or if it does, internet providers better bring the cost down on PC by a lOT).

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