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Re: Lets talk about the resource system. Right now, its borderline Pay to Win

Originally Posted by basti View Post
A harsh statment, i know, but let me explain.

With the new resource prices for vehicles and Maxes, resources now actually matter. However, the resource bonus from boosts and Subscriptions screw greatly with the concept.

A total free player is pretty much shafted, a player with Auraxium Subscription and a resource boost has only small problems.

There are several ways to fix this:

A. We revert back to useless resources by making stuff cheap again. In the end, the whole resource system could be taken out then, as it would be entierly pointless.

B. we get rid of resource boosts, means everyone, regardless of how much money he spends, gets the same amount of resources.

Option A is easy to archive, but removes great potential for a deep metagame out of the game. We all want more meta and more strategy, so lets not go there.

Lets take a look at option B instead: Taking away a bonus subscribers get will be a pain in the ass, but the vast majority of subscribers would propably be okay with it, if not even happy, if we give them something nice in return. For once, they propably get a better game in return, with a deep metagame that involves not just continent locking and a global lattice (im sure this stuff is still coming, no reason to belive otherwise), as well as a deep resource system that affects the strategys we dream up.

However, people also want a direct compensation for the loss of the resource boost. So i suggest: Kill the resource boosts for subscribers, give them another 6 months XP boost.

As for the Alpha squad boost, i suggest it becomes a 100% XP boost with no resource boost. Most of the Alpha squad boosts are running out in 2 months or so anyway.

Whatya think?
Not going to read the whole thing because I get the gist of the argument and I'm lazy. I'm a premium member and absolutely believe the resource boost needs to be removed. Same thing for resource boost implants. Let people keep what they have and phase them out.

With that being said I think the vehicle price increase was a must. Was it too much? To early to tell, especially considering the variation resource gains.

My suggestion:
1) remove all resource boosts
2) then balance vehicle health with vehicle cost, and vehicle vs vehicle damage if needed. I think damage against infantry is in a good place.

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