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Re: PS4 isn't going to have free online

Originally Posted by camycamera View Post
they're going to pull an xbox live, in which in order to play the multiplayer, you must pay a subscription fee like xbox live, called playstation plus. srsly, you give PS3 players the luxury of free online for like 7 years, then you pull this shit? this is probably the only bad news about the PS4.

that is the reason i stay away from consoles, them and their shitty business practices. i'll stick to pc next generation.
Personally, I think paying an annual subscription to play games online is a small price to pay for not having to endure patch after patch for PC games.

When my current PC gaming rig is no longer capable of playing the latest PC games at an acceptable level, then I'm completely switching over to console gaming. As a casual gamer, I think console gaming is the best route for me personally.
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