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Re: Are these parts adequate for my new custom-made PC?

As far as PSUs I think it's a good idea to go as efficient (80+ bronze<silver<gold<platinum) as you can at the right wattage and budget. You save money in electricity (though it is fairly small) and the system should be cooler and quieter.
But it doesn't matter much, you're fine with any of them.

Modular cabling is great if you're likely to fiddle with the inside bits or care about interior aesthetics.

A decent case will last you forever. ATX has swatted down challengers before and it's not likely, in the medium-term, that videocards are going to get bigger or that the heat output will get much greater either.

and regarding the other MoBo, looks like the only thing missing from the Z75 is an IR Header. I assume that's the SSD caching.
Nah, it uses a SATA port like any other HD, it's on the chip and in software.

Originally Posted by Vancha View Post
Things like music, videos and such can stay on the HDD.
Ah, I see the problem, you don't know shit about what I've got on my computer, or playing willing ignorance. FFS, you're smarter than this. Games and other programs plus files I want accelerated reach 300+ gb easily. And I don't even have that much stuff...something like BF3 is 25gb.
It's, foremost, a question of efficiency. I can get a tb HD and a cache for the price of the insufficient 256gb SSD. Reap most of the benefit with everything you've got and no fiddling compared to prioritization and active storage maintenance.

Be pedantic with "seamless", if you want.

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