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Originally posted by TGF NightHawk
I will have to disagree with that comment! Xbox is no better than Playstation, or vice versa! They are about equal in graphics....not sure how long it takes to load a game up on Xbox, but the only downfall I noticed on Playstation is loading time is a bit sluggish!
LOL, You have no idea what you're talking about. The XBOX is suprior to the PS2 (I asume that by Playstation you mean PS2 and not the org. Playstation ).
And you can't compare consoles by loading time. Even if it's the same game on both consoles, things would most likely be "bigger and better" on the Xbox, so there would be more to load.
And I really can't see how you could think otherwise, I mean, isn't there something like a year between the two consoles?
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