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PS2 Facebook Recruitment App

I was looking at it, and apparently one of the rewards is a pack of implants from a list. I'm not exactly sure if its for facebook or if its for ingame, but I wanted to bring it to peoples attention in case they are ingame implants.

This Power Implant Pack contains:
Adrenal Regulator I
Audio Dampening I
Auditory Processor I
Combat Stabilizer I
Conditioning I
Dexterity Amplifier I
Galaxy Specialist
Hazard Shielding I
Liberator Specialist
Lightning Specialist
Magrider Specialist
Mosquito Specialist
Prowler Specialist
Quad Specialist
Quickdraw I
Radar Masking I
Reaver Specialist
Reflexive Targeting I
Scythe Specialist
Shock Absorption I
Sunderer Specialist
Thermal Cloaking I
Vanguard Specialist
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