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Re: Werner - Nostalgia

Originally Posted by Longshanks View Post
Longshanks here, Vanu, The Vanu Generals - who else is around?

carnifex here, vietcong

long time no see, shanks!

i know i am resurrecting this thing.. but i saw so many familiar faces, how is everyone?

are you all still playing on pc? ps4? xbox? is anyone still in wow? many of us left for that when it came out and i had a blast in it, absolutely.

but those days of yore in planetside i will never forget. teamspeak, msn with some of the guys, raiding vanu bases with vc and then having the whole of you twats turn up to try and stop us

what else.. anyone playing ps2? i have a ps4 but never played it much, i also downloaded it on the laptop once but never actually played it at all. i do think of planetside now and then, tonight for instance.
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