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Re: Werner - Nostalgia


i think u recognize the nick'used :

tried cobra (taken), maninthemirror (taken),... so i smoked my spliff we smoke here... took a girl... and mispelling her for my longs nights passed over tv-shows at night.

then the story began !


from standard armor/lazer "kill stealer" to "somes LASTS bases BIG " orbital strikes,... & emerald (1st raid),... i play planetside 18 Hrs/day for 13 years.

my 1st outfit fr some guyz were boring, harassing, so insulted the empire, got banned, created a second account, and free'ed their spirit out there as in another empire,

the hate was daily growing... was going to become 1ST outfit killer,

when i left WERNER (kiked in 2004-2005), i started to roll EMMY... 230ms ping & markow 320ms as aurora engy... LONG NIGHTS SO !


played deeply all empires, black ops FOURTH....

never understood wasp, scorpion and bfr, but i stolen a lots pair of em huh !


(dark side of Planetside begin HERE...)

(darklight on = 10 FPS..)

I WILL NEVER REVEAL Cloaker'z tricks & secrets to reverse a battle stuck then win.

ps = 99/100... 1% less coz french' north vs south lack of respect, WAR.



whatever empire i served, there were my allies and ennemies. but i always done ALL FTW111

(edit: my 1st post on psu, so u know meh,,, () , i left gaming/pro)

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