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Ghosts of the Revolution - VS [Mattherson]

Ghosts of the Revolution is a large, active, objective-oriented outfit that was formed in Planetside 1 on the Emerald server on May 19th, 2003. We were the first outfit in the game to reach the 10 million outfit point maximum, which only a handful of outfits across all servers ever attained. We are a laid back group that enjoys taking our fun seriously, but our goal is always to have fun, no matter what the state of the empire is in-game. Our members come first. If you're in doubt, jump to the bottom of this thread and check out the video, or one of the articles we've been featured in.

We are on the US East - Mattherson server in PS2 with hundreds of active members - not hundreds of members on the roster sitting there collecting dust, but hundreds of active, playing members. We have members from all different walks of life and all over the world, representing over a dozen different countries like Hungary, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, Scotland, Canada, Peru, Germany, and many more.

Our outfit is split into three basic divisions that are meshed together to create a group of players that can do everything the game has to offer. People sometimes ask what we "specialize" in. We "specialize" in everything. We believe that if you do what you enjoy, you get better at it - so we want you to do what you enjoy all the time!

The 555th "Death Angels" Infantry is a group of grunts that strives to be efficient, quick, and deadly. The 555th uses a variety of transport methods, and is not tied down to Sunderers or Galaxies. They are the core of the outfit, with boots on the ground and guns in the enemies' faces.

FEAR is our vehicle unit, which utilizes all combat vehicles the game has to offer. If a member is willing to drive it or hop in the gun seat, FEAR will use it. They are well-trained and disciplined in the art of vehicle warfare the way nobody else is, and we take great pride in our ability to not only field a tank column and a fighter squadron simultaneously, but that they work together on the battlefield - not separately.

The Daemon Legion is our special operations group. This is the only division a recruit must trial for - players join much smaller units in the Legion to pull large enemy forces away from the front lines, gather intel, and deny the enemy their resources. The Legion is comprised of two core units: PEST (Phantom Elite Strike Team), which is our fast response group, and Shades, which is our scouting, sniping, and recon group. Both Shades and PEST operate on the fringe, keeping our borders clear of the enemy and our bases connected to the warpgate while the 555th and FEAR control the front line.

GOTR uses Teamspeak 3 for voice communication. You will need to log in to Teamspeak 3 whenever you are running with the outfit. You do not need a mic, though having one is strongly encouraged and if you wish to pursue a leadership position, you will need one.

GOTR has a strict no-griefing policy. If this is a problem, we are not the outfit for you. We have a code of conduct we call "The Pillars" that all members must follow. They're just a few pieces of common sense that have served us well over the past nine years.

We require that you join one of the divisions. There are no certs you must have to join the outfit in general, but upon joining one of the Divisions several certs may be required - though would you join a tank division without having some points in your Magrider? Probably not. We encourage all members to cert Squad Beacon and AMS.

Why Should You Join?
We've been around for a long time. We know how to make our members happy and we know how to show them a good time while steamrolling the competition. We do not force our members to do boring ghost hacking across a continent just to see it turn purple. Our primary objective is fun in a laid back but tactically organized environment, and that is what our hundreds of members have experienced over the past nine years.

Above all else, GOTR is focused on teaching new players the ropes and how to succeed with large-number coordination. All recruits will go through some type of training depending on their division - both live-fire and deadzone. Our recruitment procedure will keep everyone in the know and not leave anyone in the lurch; when you join the Ghosts, you're not just a number. If you take the time to get to know us, we'll get to know you, and you won't be disappointed.

We've been here since Planetside 1 was in Beta and weather permitting we'll be here until Planetside 2's servers crumble to dust. Until then, give us the chance to turn your time in Planetside into an experience that you'll never forget.

Contact us by sending me a PM or replying to this thread, or going to

---robocpf1, Outfit Leader

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