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Re: My main concern about the class system

You know Bags has said a lot of things on these forums I don't agree with, but I'm on his side with this one. If he is spec'd the way he describes he'll suck at every other role out there compared to those who are spec'd in those roles.

IMO, I'm not a fan of the new class system with time unlocks and all that "new FPS gamer person" jazz. If I create a character and want to cert Reaver, I want to go fight 5 year players with Reaver and not even have to worry about a 20% advantage they have over me. I don't care that they want to appeal to an MMORPG crowd and that's why that have somewhat of a power achievement for characters. PlanetSide is an MMOFPS, so I say die-hard MMORPG players can go play MMORPGs. There was NEVER a place in PlanetSide for power upgrades. The sound of, "but your reaver will be more maneuverable, durable, and powerful" just scares the living hell out of me.

The beauty of PS is that if I wanted to go from playing a heavy infantry type character to a full vehicles type person, I merely had to spend the time forgetting certs for a few days and then re-spec, or use a forget all.

Now, in PS2, it sounds like right from the beginning, players and outfits are going to have to specialize in only ONE role or suffer being farmed by a reaver outfit that has been a reaver outfit since day 1.

If you think that players and outfits who specialize in certain roles should be awarded for doing so, think about THIS: Why not their reward be the experience and skill they get from USING these damn roles, instead of unlockable upgrades and improvements that give them a power advantage. If you're a reaver outfit and solely a reaver outfit, you're going to be BAD ASS in the air simply because you always do it, your players are used to flying them, and you've developed your own tactics.

PS2 doesn't need power upgrades, it simply needs options like the first game, options that take time to switch between.
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