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Ghosts of the Revolution is a large, active, objective-oriented outfit of the Vanu Sovereignty. Our goals on the battlefield are many, and are not confined to capturing or resecuring bases. We roll massive armor columns, assemble deadly air squadrons, and can run one of the most effective base drains in the game. Sometimes our outfit objective will come before that of the empire, but most of the time we are dedicated to advancing the VS on Auraxis. Here are things prospective recruits will need to know.


Above all else, GOTR is focused on teaching new players the ropes and how to succeed with large-number coordination. All recruits will go through some type of training depending on their division - both live-fire and deadzone. Our recruitment procedure will keep everyone in the know and not leave anyone in the lurch; when you join the Ghosts, you're not just a number. If you take the time to get to know us, we'll get to know you, and you won't be disappointed.

We are constantly recruiting new members of all playstyles from all around the world. Recruitment is always open in GOTR - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are looking for players who have their main characters on VS, but if you want to play NC or TR from time to time this is fine.


Our outfit is split into three basic divisions that are meshed together to form a great group of players that can do things in this game that have been done by no one else.

F.E.A.R., our vehicles division, is devoted to complete battlefield domination. We will use any combat vehicle that a member is willing to pilot or gun for, ground or air.

The 555th 'Death Angels', our airborne infantry, is a crack team of grunts that improve every day. We are not a group that resists change - if someone shows us a superior way of doing something, we will strive to make ourselves better.

Finally, the Daemon Legion special operations squad contains all specialty players - snipers, demolition experts, rapid response, and infiltrators. This is the only division that requires a screening process for admission - prospective members must have certain qualifications for entrance into the Daemon Legion.


-No Teamkilling! We have a strict no-teamkilling policy. GOTR members are above this, and are held to this standard.

-Voice is required! We run a Mumble server for effective voice communication. GOTR members are required to be on the server whenever they are in an outfit squad. A microphone is NOT required but is highly encouraged.

-Division Enlistment / Certs. There are no outfit-required certs, but upon joining one of the Divisions several certs may be required - though would you join a tank division without having Engineering certed anyway? Probably not. We encourage all members to cert Advanced Medic, and at last count 3/4 of the active members have it certed.

We've been here since Planetside was in Beta and weather permitting we'll be here until Planetside 2's servers crumble to dust. Until then, give us the chance to turn your time in Planetside into an experience that you'll never forget.

---robocpf1, GOTR Outfit Leader

P.S. - couldn't let Sunder and Cerberus have all the fun, VS for life!
Dont you Dare forget [The United Front] currently one of the most active Terran outfits & by far one of the most successful (We've screwed vs & nc up on many many cases especially over the last few days lol Love ya & wanna Kill ya GOTR
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