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Re: Ideas for the "Rich get richer" problem

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
Why is this daft? I know plenty of people around here are all 'Ooo-Raaah! Go TR/VS/NC! Elmos/Barneys/Smurfs suck!', but there are some that simply do not care one bit about what fictional team they happen to be on at any given time.

I look on the empires like I look at red vs blue in TF2, it doesn't matter which I play for. I'd be perfectly fine temporarily switching to an underpopped empire if asked nicely, and especially if I received some consideration.
It is the reason WHY you are switching that is the issue. It's about the game-mechanics which motivate you. Unless you and I were playing different versions of PS1 I was never asked to switch Empires by DanB due to population imbalances. Instead it was the ' considerations' you referred to which caused people to Empire-hop. Specifically the exp bonus or module bonuses. That is a clumsy system because, in the case of the exp bonus, you are being rewarded for losing. The less efficient your Empire, the more casual players log off, the more the vets (most PSU members I'd imagine) benefit for an individual exp bonus. To my mind that is NOT an elegant MMO system.
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