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Smart Guidance: Lock on weapons will not be detered by flares or other distracting devices. Reduces damage of the weapon. (If there are such flare like mechanics)

Pulse Marker: Marks a target making it visibley noticeable for all nearby allies with specific gear by highlighting it. Allied lock on weapons will lock onto the target quicker. Allies that benifit IE see the marker are, Infantry with Heavy Armor. Medium Infantry with Advance Communication Equipment. All vehicles minus ATV's. Pulse Marker replaces secondary weapon. All EMP disables remove ally ability to see Marked Target. (This is similar to laser pointing a spot for flails in PS1 where it shows the target but actually highlights on your HUD.

Tank Drone: Launches 1 hovering drone that remains immobile. The Drone will fire duel beamers at nearby enemies. This uses a Utility Slot. Only accessable to few Vanu Vehicles.

Shell Management Unit: Allows vehicle to carry multiple shell types and the ability to switch between shells. Shell transfer takes short duration. Such shell examples are normal, incendiary rounds, or smoke shells which when on contact creates a large smoke screen on firing location. This uses a Utility slot.

Infantry Armor: When activated two flaps on the sides of the vehicle fold out creating a small barricade 1 person high like armor for infantry to walk behind. They are attached to the vehicle. This uses a Utility slot. Vehicle has reduced speed why Armor is extended and have increased vulnerability to his sides. (Might have explained this poorly. Basically two wings fold out of said tank and look liked someone welded makeshift barricades to the side of the vehicle. Infantry can hide behind these and walk with the tank.)

Also there are alot of ideas in 40k universe that could in concept be applied to PS2. Alot of Tau tech would fit the Vanu.
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