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Re: The Death of Compromise

Originally Posted by Sobekeus View Post
Umm, that is irrelevant, because an aborted fetus is still an aborted fetus. Or does the fetus get to compromise too?
The fetus isn't capable of making that decision because, frankly, it's not really a human yet. You and I can disagree on that, but the point is not whether or not abortion should be legal, but rather if there is room for compromise. I believe that there is.

How about no bailouts at all?
... is certainly one of many options. But, again, there is room for compromise there. Your statement that there isn't is a fallacy.

How about we end both Wars on Freedom? Going to war, but only against this Placeistan, with only this many soldiers, and only for this one hill is still A WAR.
I'm not exactly sure what the 'war on freedom' is, or what you're trying to get at with the above statement.

Did you know that wages and salaries are not defined as income, but compensation? The compromise you are talking about (but I'm sure didn't know about) was to change the definition and public perception.
Okay. So what? What exactly is the point? You offered it as an example of there being no room to compromise based on the nature of the issue. I disagree and I don't see anything in the above statement that bolsters your claim.

On another note, I'm glad you aren't as dumb as I thought you were. Really.
And you were doing so well, too. I'm sure you'll manage next time.
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