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Re: Outfit certifications + Vehicle variants/sidegrades

As CO of a Air Cavalry Platoon. I really want to be able to respec a interceptor to work as a dedicated Anti Ground Jet. I don't like the look of that slow piece of bollocks they call a Anti Ground Jet one little bit. Sure a couple would be handy, but I'd much prefer most of my Anti Ground jets to be much more nimble than that, those slow smeggers will get in the way more than anything else. I've got over 150 hours (and 650 roadkills) on the Jet on 2142 and my favorite way of flying it was against Ground Targets. Should be able to spec it as either a A10, Fighter Bomber or Interceptor depending on requirements. As for the transports. I'd really be happy if I could cert one as a ECM/Extended Radar Jet, while the others have different bonus's for the other 2 such as 1 being able to respawn troopers while in the Air or another cloaked while on the ground from a certain distance(while flying would be handier but I do understand that balance thing)would be handier than you'd realize. And also the ability to change them from for example carrying 20inf+2Power Armor/12inf4-6PowerArmor/12inf+2PowerArmor+Vehicle/6inf+2vehicle/1tank or something like that would be incredibly handy considering that my Ladds arent packing anything that doesn't fly and the ability to go infantry heavy or pack a few heavy units depending on situation would be handier than you'd realize.

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