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Originally Posted by diLLa View Post
Hi, I'm diLLa, and I'm looking for a competitive outfit to join.

I'm a 24 years old student from the Netherlands

I'm specialized in infantry combat, having played FPS-shooters on pretty high level for several years.

Some shooters I've played competitive over the years:

-1 year of Unreal Tournament Instagib
-5 years of an UT99 mod called Tactical Ops, where I've played for about 2/3 years on the highest level, which although unknown, was a pretty competitive game.
-2 years of Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360, where I didn't play for a team, but mainly with friends. Was pretty good at it though with a k/d of about 3 over nearly 20000 games played (and no, I'm not a CoD kiddy ).

Some other shooters I've played over the time but never for a large period of time:
-Counterstrike (1.6, Source)
-Day of Defeat
-Call of Duty 2 on PC
-Unreal Tournament 2004 Instagib
-Halo (1,2,3)
-Battlefield (Vietnam, 2, Bad Company 2, 3)
-Blacklight Retribution

I'm looking for a dedicated outfit with a competitive spirit, but also with a friendly nature. A must for the outfit is to have an infantry division, which I would operate best in.

I'm also willing to set up an infantry specialized division if allowed.

Would love to hear of you if you have what I'm looking for!
Just curious but what was your nick back in TO and also what clan/clans where you with?

I am a old TO player myself and played for several years and were for some time part of MeRe0 which was a fairly well known TO clan back in the days.
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Okay, well I think i'm speaking for everyone when I say: SCREENSHOTS PLS and/or a video of the new layout ASAP. Preferably 10 minutes of browsing the site with the new layout...
Maybe a twitter Q&A about the new layout?
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