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Re: So other companies don't announce Beta dates?

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Most do not, not very far ahead of time anyway. That game is so far in development, that its time to announce the beta. BECAUSE THEY ARE READY.
what RadarX said really makes no sense, almost every game does announce it's beta, and when it is not an exact date it they atleast say 'in that month'. How SOE is doing this is really odd, we don't even have an idea what they're up to right now or when we should expect something. All they keep saying is soon, or 'in the next few weeks'.
Don't get me wrong, i really respectate what they are doing, and I don't want them rushing the game.

But telling us 'in the next few weeks'.
And then making an annoucement again which says 'soon' 4 weeks later...

I think they should have done this differently, they shouldn't have said anything, instead of saying in the next few weeks and then avoiding every question and giving us no information at all

Again don't get me wrong, it is not my right to know what they're upto, but i know this is botheringa lot of people including me
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